About Us & Company History

Bri Holloway was founded by fashion entrepreneur Bri Schulz in the fall of 2015. Schulz began her career in fashion interning for top couture houses Chanel and Diane von Furstenberg. Recently relocated from New York City, and currently based in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, Schulz brings over a decade of experience in luxury marketing to her independent venture, having worked for major fashion corporations including Barney's New York. 

A fashion enthusiast herself, Schulz felt an absence of variety and curation in the dominant fashion- based e-commerce market. She found that many of the online retail sites, despite their convenience, were interchangeable and offered largely the same brands and items with little diversity. Inspired by the apparent desire of an emergent shopper for more creative and unique options in the virtual fashion sphere, Schulz created Bri Holloway, a carefully curated online boutique to offer chic, original high quality luxury brands they won’t see anywhere else and exclusive one-of-a-kind offerings, to those in search of that truly individual and singular find. 

Searching the world for the most original luxury fashion, Bri Holloway offers ready-to-wear clothing, jewelry, and handbags from independent brands and creative fashion outlets. The online platform presents rare and hard to find pieces from Italy, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Thailand, and Lebanon, among others, securing limited, single-digit quantities of each item. For Bri Holloway, true luxury is in originality, creativity, and discovering the uncommon. 

Among its growing selection of curated designers and brands, are Allude, Amen, Cara Croninger, Edit, Monies, Nasha, Pierre-Louis Mascia, Sarah's bag, Tonya Hawkes, and Utzon. 

“I felt there was an opportunity within the luxury retail e-commerce space to break the monotony and introduce a new resource and retail experience; a site that features show-stopping luxury designers you won’t see anywhere else. To me, the highest form of luxury is originality, and Bri Holloway offers access to fresh and inventive ready to wear lines. I wanted to create a fashion space that celebrates imaginative individuality in the stead of commercial, brand driven conformity.” 
- Bri Schulz