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Hi. Welcome to STYLE SCOUT with Bri Holloway. I'm your host Bri and I'm always looking for a sophisticated twist on the trend. First the trend this week is CAPED CRUSADER!

Magical. Mysterious. The cape has made a strong comeback this fall. Reminiscent of fairy tale princesses and superheroes the cape was seen first in Medieval Europe. 

A.P.C. played with the cape in an array of textures like shearling, suede and wool. Christian Dior showcased the cape in narrow silhouettes with an emphasis on the waist. Chloe showed the cape in a double-breasted version, with fluffy green wool and leather covered buttons. 

So what's the sophisticated twist on the trend? Keep the silhouette of the cape narrow. By doing so, this creates a more tailored look. I loved the pared-down nature of this trend when worn with skinny jeans like the one shown here. The cape is a fabulous fashion staple in any woman's wardrobe. It instantly makes your overall look elegant and sophisticated. 

Here, I've combined a wool Chloe' cape with dark jeans for a sophisticated day look. Add a small bag to punctuate the look. Toughen this up with leather leggings. The simple nature of the leggings immediately accentuate and draw attention to the sculpted shoulders. Thanks for joining me on STYLE SCOUT and until next time I'm Bri Holloway. I'm always looking for a sophisticated twist on the trend.