Growing up in a small beach town, Kira's earliest memories are of her mother's art and the wonders of Mother Nature:  "My mother's studio was right at home, and outdoors we were immersed in nature."  Finding her own talent in writing and ballet, she was soon in London, writing for Conde Nast and serving on the board of the Contemporary Art Society.   Today she looks to the power of beauty to bring awareness to causes near and dear to her heart.

"Mother Nature is the real style guru; I look to her for inspiration throughout my life."   As an active entrepreneur, she wears many hats - her activism on water issues at Bib&Sola, Inc. takes much of her time - and sometimes "I just need to shut off and play."  With her playful creations quickly drawing the attentions of international fashionistas, she launched Padova Adornments.  Art and nature dance together again.

Padova Adornments. Art and nature dance together again.