Lebanese designer Sarah's Bag recognizes that every woman is unique and responds by creating designs that are equally original. The company owes its success to every woman who wears, makes, supports and contributes to the story of Sarah's Bag. Their delicately handcrafted bags are born of a story that links fashion to a good cause. Since 2000, Sarah’s Bag has trained 200 underprivileged women in Lebanon to become the artisans who create the signature handwork adorning their bags. 

An artisan can spend up to 25 hours handcrafting each piece, often including time used for exploration and crafting of new materials and techniques. 

The spring collection invites you to a great island escape! Give in to Tiki Temptation for Spring/Summer 2016 and indulge in the colors and textures of the ultimate summer getaway.

Wooden Polynesian-inspired tiki masks and vintage tiki beach bar signs are the inspiration for box clutches made of engraved, hand painted wood, and hand beaded roomy totes and oversize pouches. Tiki Temptation is a season ticket for the island hopper to leave the world behind and go from sail boats to beach villas, from hammocks to beach bars, all in style!

Creative Director Sarah Beydoun adds, “With Tiki Temptation, we are again experimenting with new materials and using traditional techniques to give them a whole new look. We worked extensively with wood, carving it, hand painting it to give the feel of a tiki beach bar. And of course no collection is complete without the impeccable hand beading of Sarah’s Bag team explored fully in clutches blooming with tropical flowers. This collection is all about kicking off your heels, sinking your feet into the sand and finally having some fun in the sun!”

Shop with confidence and a sense of pride when you purchase a handcrafted Sarah's Bag piece. Not only will you have a beautiful, vibrant bag but you'll know that your purchase helped support the rehabilitation of women at risk and female ex-prisoners.