NASHA Python Agate Clutch

NASHA Python Agate Clutch


You will love the fine detail and texture of this NASHA Python Agate Clutch. The clutch is opal in color with a natural agate stone on brass plated hardware. Keep your valuables safe and secure with the magnetic closure. A NASHA handbag is the epitome of elegance and style inspired by the Vienna Succession movement.

Product Details:
• Color: Opal
• Measures 10cm H x 19cm W x 5cm D
• 70% Python Cites
• 10% Silk Lining
• 15% Resin
• 5% Agate
• Imported

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The Vienna Sucession movement in the 1890’s is the inspiration behind NASHA’s newest collection, WIEN. She has taken aspects from the jewellery, interior and architectural designs of the movement, such as the iconic Sucession Building. Continuing from her past collections, architectural and geometric design remains present in her pieces. NASHA takes inspiration from the architects of that period who focused on the purer element of geometric shapes and incorporates this into her work. Other inspirations woven into her designs are based on a combination of iconic female personas, who either radiate a classic elegance or a rebellious edge. NASHA uses the soft, romantic features of the ladies in Gustav Klimt’s paintings and combines them with the modern and chic flair of models like Lara Stone Sasha Pivovarova and Vanessa Paradis.

NASHA uses a range of exotic materials, from matte python and springbok to fresh water crocodile and polished stingray. The colour palette consists of classic luxury tones in ruby and amber, neutral tones in onyx, opal and smoke, with a streak of lapis. The unique agate stones are randomly select- ed for each bag, giving each piece a bespoke feeling, as no two stones in nature are identical in shape or colour.